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What To Know About Urinary Tract Infection

Urinary issues are a common health concern that can affect both men and women. Some common conditions include urinary tract infections and urinary retention. Symptoms can include difficulty urinating, urgency, and stinging or burning sensations. Treatment options vary depending on the specific condition and severity, and it's important to seek medical attention if symptoms persist.

Acne Formation and Treatment

Acne is a common and relatable skin condition. With so much information out there about how to treat acne, it is hard to know what is the best approach for you skin. In order to know what products and medications to use, you first have to know how acne is formed and apply that knowledge to your current skin condition in order to find treatment that is the best fit for you.

What Do Thyroid Hormones Do

Thyroid test is one of the most commonly ordered blood work in the clinical practice. This is because thyroid hormones affect virtually all organ functions in the body, and when the thyroid level is off, it can pretty much look like anything. Let's take a closer look at exactly what thyroid hormones do and how they work behind the scene to support normal body functions.

What Is Inflammation?

The Internet is full of health articles about inflammation, and it is a word that gets tossed around a lot in conversation about disease processes. But do you know what inflammation is and how it happens? Join me on a quick tour of this fascinating physical phenomenon.

Testing For Genital Herpes

One of the questions that often come up during my clinical practice is how one can get tested for genital herpes. This is a great question as there are several ways to do this, and which method you pick depends on the scenario that the person is in.

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